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About Us

Our family has been involved in the Jewelry industry for over 60 years and has developed the Ever-Fit Ring Guard to solve the problem that most people have when the knuckle on the ring finger becomes enlarged due to age or arthritis. Since your rings have to be a little larger to fit over the knuckle they usually tend to be loose when they are at the base of the finger in wearing position, so they slip and turn around. This annoying problem can be easily and affordably solved with the Ever-Fit Ring Guard and by using it you can actually prevent wear to the ring that is caused by its slipping and turning.

Over the years the industry has come up with quite a few different products to try to solve this problem. All the other solutions do not stand-up to the Ever-Fit Ring Guard which works so well because it attaches to the rings after they are on the finger. From expensive adjustable shanks to inexpensive wires that break and wear out, all the other solutions are completely different than the Ever-Fit Ring Guard. It's affordable, durable, non-allergenic and guaranteed to stop your rings from twisting!