Eliminates ring twisting...protects rings from wear! 

Customer Response

“Now I can wear my ring and have it show the way it should, that is, right side up. Thank you very much and I’ll gladly recommend your product whenever possible.”  Helen Schafran ... Kansas City, MO
“Please send another Ever-Fit Ring Guard. I have just received one guard and like it very much.”
Mrs. Flossie Shirley... Fairfax, VA

“It’s a pleasure to be able to wear rings comfortably without their slipping upside down every 20 seconds!
Carol B. Swart ... Cummington, MA

“I wish to order 4 more Ever-Fit Ring Guards.”  Lois Braun ... Jacksonville, OR

“Received my ring guard today, and was more than pleased with it. In addition to it’s many other advantages, it is very handy for a person whose rings slip and turn because they’ve lost weight. If they gain weight again, the guard can be removed without leaving a ring that is too small or too tight. I intend to show my ring guard to others.  I often tell people how very simple it is to use.”  Mrs. Charles Earle ... Dearborn, MI


“I recently received an Ever-Fit Ring Guard and am very pleased with it. I wish to order another one for a ring I wear on my other hand.”  Margaret Langdon ... Omaha, NE

“Please send another Ever-Fit Ring Guard. I have one and I love it.”  Alice Lennartson ...Tower, MN

“Thank you for the last ring guard I ordered. I like it very much and now I need another one.”
Helen Lagocki ... Detroit, MI

“I have used my Ever-Fit Ring Guard for several months now and find it to be very satisfactory.” 
Mrs. Neva Enyeart ... Huntington, IN

“Please send me the ring guard advertised in Woman’s Day. I have shopped and shopped for this ring guard.”
Thelma Johnson ... Valles Mines, MO

Retailer Response


“When a customer buys an Ever-Fit Ring Guard for the first time, they always seem to come back for more for other rings because they like it so well after they’ve worn it awhile.” Sandy - Sandy’s Jlry. ... Holden, MO

“There just isn’t another solution available that works as well as the Ever-Fit Ring Guard. We sell them for $29.95 and none of our customers question the price because they don’t want to spend the large amount of money for the hinged shanks and they trust that we know what’s in their best interests after so many years in business. The guard is hidden in the fold of the finger and it is virtually indestructible.”
Steve - Bauer’s Jlry. ... Saginaw, MI

“I usually tell my customers to come back and we’ll refund their money if they don’t like or can’t use the Ever-Fit Ring Guard. In seven years no one has come back yet.”  Leo - Tracy’s Jlrs. ... Spokane, WA

“We just can’t go without the Ever-Fit Ring Guards at our disposal. Our customers demand them because they like that they really do work so well.”  Steve - Boucher Jlrs. ... Keizer, OR